Bridging the Industry Gap between Skill Crunch for Clients and Employable Gap for Individuals

Industry experts use the phrase "bridging the gap" to describe current IT trends. You may have heard it during seminars or meetings where the experts discuss strategy, employment and suitability. While this kind of talk continues to occupy prime time media attention and premium PR space, the reality is that a big divide remains between industry expectations of quality employable resources and the actual resources available.

Maintec Technologies an offshore outsourcing company located in Raleigh, N.C. and Bangalore, India with a focus on providing System Service and IBM Mainframe Training on Mainframe platforms, recently decided to launch the Hire, Train and Deploy (HTD©) program, a turnkey, no-obligation solution for clients. HTD©’s core focus is to provide Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM), Remote Data Center Management and Application Development / Maintenance services on IBM Mainframe Platforms. Maintec’s offshore software development center consists of a complete z/OS infrastructure with a state-of-the-art Command Center catering to 24*7*365 global clients’ requirements. Thanks to Maintec’s experienced z/OS Systems Programmers, DB2 Database Administrators, CICS Systems Programmers, Security(RACF) Administrators, Storage Administrators and Operational Support teams, the company has the expertise to remotely and successfully manage data centers and provide high end turnkey system programming services that include installation of third-party OEM products to clients worldwide.

RIM Demand Increases

Remote Infrastructure Management services with a focus on IBM Mainframe Platforms have increased in demand recently—especially for employees with IBM Mainframe System Administration expertise. Having scouted the entire Indian market with very little success, Maintec's leadership decided to provide a creative, value-filled proposition to clients by thinking outside the box. After several brainstorming sessions, Maintec established the framework and put its existing local talent pool to work by enhancing their skills through high end technical and case study-based training to “bridge the gap” for the desired project requirements. This led to the birth of HTD©, a perfect platform for aspiring IT professionals in search of a career that offers exponential individual growth.

Maintec launched the first MAINFRAME HTD© program in December 2008 by deploying a batch of 44 pre-selected resources to fulfill positions as Level 2.5 IT professionals. The skills Enhancement Training duration took only two months and covered all of the core Mainframe topics, including ISPF, JCL, VSAM, DB2, CICS, SMP/E, RACF, JES2, SDSF, HMC, DFSMS, IPL, DASD, HSM, SYSPLEX, MQ, VTAM, LPAR and more.

Screening Challenges

Maintec faced several challenges when looking for the best candidates based on eligibility and evaluation criteria. The company allowed only BTech, MCA and BE grads with 60 percent and above aggregate to be eligible to participate, with a preference for Mainframe Application-experienced resources. Qualifying professionals then underwent an aptitude test followed by a Tech Assessment Test, contingent upon their background experience level. Maintec assessed language and communication skills as well. Upon meeting all parameters, candidates were able to enroll in the program and received an offer letter immediately confirming their employment post-training. Needless to say, candidates are expected to perform well at each milestone during the training, since they have been given a rare training opportunity requiring no upfront fee, followed by deployment in the exciting field of System Administration with guaranteed long-term prospects. There is no substitute for the knowledge they will gain and the opportunity to undergo such high-end training from International Subject Matter Experts (SME) in Singapore, Australia, UK, South Africa and the USA.

How did Maintec’s 44 resources do? They were deployed successfully in February 2009 at clients’ sites and have excelled in their respective assignments during the last 13 months.

The HTD© program represents a true milestone, not only for Maintec Technologies, but for the entire IT Industry, specifically the Remote Infrastructure Management and Data Center Management service providers for IBM Mainframe and Midrange Technologies. These sectors provide avenues to further test the HTD© model of enhancing the Mainframe System Administration skills increasingly needed to facilitate the growing demands of Offshore Outsourcing of Data Center services

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