Infrastructure Management Services

Maintec Technologies has evolved as one of the Most Promising Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) Company where "Remote Infrastructure Management" has now become an industry in itself and is being described as the "Third wave of outsourcing" after software and BPO. Today we dominate our niche in the IMS space and have been recognized for our maturity of service delivery.

Maintec's Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) Division tailors to the three most critical values of global business: Growth Through Partnership, Innovation in Service Deliveries and Talent & Skill Building for 'Right Fit'.


Growth Through Partnership: Maintec's global presence helps clients to grow their business across continents. Our global command centers across continents along with our global alliances offer our clients 'best-offshore' solutions to leverage our Offshore and Onsite delivery centers. We understand that companies are paying premium for weekend and third shifts, which can be considerably reduced. At our command centers, IT resources function on a 24X7X365 basis ensuring clients complete coverage for their software development & maintenance and IT infrastructure needs, ensuring business continuity to our clients.

Innovation in Service Deliveries: We have recognized innovation as the critical strategic vehicle for people, processes and technological advancement. It benefits us fulfill client’s unique requirements and plan future business essentials. Maintec has ventured into several infrastructure management projects helping customers develop their businesses by focusing on their core commerce. At Maintec our operating principles reflect our commitment to… Process oriented operations with focus on continuous improvement, No-Compromise in any attempted endeavor and strive to achieve better solutions to customer needs, every time.

Talent & Skill Building for ‘Right Fit’: Maintec guarantees clients a significant business advantage with its Hire, Train and Deploy (HTD©) program, a turnkey, no-obligation solution. HTD©'s core focus is to provide Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM), Remote datacenter management and Application development & maintenance services on IBM mainframe, midrange and middle-ware platforms. Maintec’s offshore software development center consists of a complete z/OS infrastructure with a state-of-the-art command center catering to 24X7X365 global clients’ requirements. The HTD© program represents a true milestone, not only for Maintec Technologies, but for the entire IT Industry, specifically enhancing the Mainframe System Administration skills increasingly needed to facilitate the growing demands of Offshore outsourcing of Data Center services.

Maintec’s core value proposition as Infrastructure Management Service (IMS) provider is that we can handle Mainframe, Midrange & Middle-ware platform management requirements with compelling cost advantages and robust delivery model, onsite at client’s datacenter or remotely at Maintec’s global command centers.