Maintec zLinux-in-a-BoxSM speeds your implementation of Linux on the mainframe while reducing your infrastructure and resource costs.

Available in your data center or in ours, this complete mainframe and Linux solution includes hardware, storage, software, human resources and infrastructure.

Benefits of zLinux-in-a-Box

  • No (or limited) upfront cost for infrastructure
  • Experienced mainframe professionals
  • Maximum availability, flexibility and scalability
  • Latest mainframe infrastructure
  • Expansion capability to run diverse workloads

Maintec manages zLinux-in-a-Box in your data center

  • Maintec manages the zOS solution in your data center
  • Your staff or ours
  • Installation of hardware, Linux OS, other software
  • Application migration assistance
  • 24x7x365 support and maintenance

Maintec provides zLinux-in-a-Box at our onshore data center

  • Complete zLinux-in-a-Box solution in our North Carolina data center
  • Flexible “Plug & Play” facility
  • Data center management services on IBM z Mainframes (System z, Linux for z) and IBM Power Systems ( IBM i, AIX, Linux).
  • Physical & data security
  • 24x7x365 support and maintenance
  • Disaster recovery capability

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