Act now to avoid mainframe skills gap
Mainframe skills will be in short supply soon as current staff and contractors with deep application and business knowledge retire, says Gartner's report ...

CICS Turns 40 - It's as old as the moon landings, but IBM's real-time transaction system, CICS, is still in use on the majority of all mainframes

While most anniversary celebrations this month have centred around man’s first steps on the moon, IBM is celebrating another 40th birthday - that of its Customer Information Control...

Moving apps off mainframe may have unintended results
Migrating applications off themainframe may seem like a good idea, with CPU consumption and cost savings benefits. But if the application's data model isn't fully understood, these migrations can become costly and may require your...

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Understand Your Options to Make the Best Decision About Mainframe Migration
Migrate! Modernize! Save money! Be more agile! These messages and many more are probably landing on your desk daily. Is it time to consider moving off the mainframe to another platform, or should you ignore these demands...

Can the mainframe serve as an information security hub?
A network-based data security approach is no longer suitable with the amount of data stored in computers and shared on the Internet today, says expert Wayne Kernochan. In this tip, he explains the mainframe's potential to serve as an information...

IBM mainframe user 2010 wish list - Robert Crawford, Contributor
What should IBM Mainframeusers ask of Big Blue in 2010? Check out our mainframer wish list.

IBM's new z/OS 1.12 to take on mainframe app availability
IBM's upcoming z/OS 1.12 mainframe operating system addresses a problem some mainframers have had for decades

Mainframe debugging using GTF trace output
MVS' General Trace Facility (GTF) is one of those tools that makes you glad to work on the mainframe. When started, a GTF trace can record all sorts of system events and provide detailed diagnostic data for those hard-to-find...

ICRIER report calls for free and fair competition in Indian mainframe computer market
The Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), along with Indicus Analytics, released a report on The Issues of Competition in Mainframe and Associated Services in India in New Delhi on Thursday.

IBM Says Anti-IBM ICRIER Report Has No Credibility
IBM has responded to the OpenMainframe-sponsored ICRIER-Indicus report on The Issues of Competition in Mainframe and Associated Services in India saying the