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Mobile has become an essential part of everyone’s life, hence targeting mobile users has proven to be the most effective marketing strategy. It has become the fastest growing marketing channel.

Mobile marketing has the more complex targeting capacity, which help to target to the wide section of audiences, also keeping in mind the personas of the audience. Reaching more audience had a positive ROI.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing gives us the option of  targeting certain Area Code, Geo-location, Mobile Provider, Device Type, and Time of Day. Our team is also well versed in the latest mobile marketing analytic tools, which help us to optimize the effort according to the analysis.

Maintec offers mobile marketing services in India. Our team consists of experts providing mobile marketing solutions, data analytics, technical skills and understanding of the market to deliver appealing content through the mobile platform.

Our Mobile marketing experts develop cost-effective strategies and implement them in targeted geo-location based on the research and analysis about your products/services to get higher returns on ad investments.

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Benefits of Maintec’s Mobile Marketing services-

Why choose us?

Maintec’s Mobile marketing services assist your business in creating opportunities to interacting with users on a more personal level by addressing your targeted audience by not only age, gender, and location, but also by interests and mobile browsing data and much more. Our experts will manage your mobile marketing right from outlining strategies, building targeted audience profiles to delivery of a campaign, and reporting.