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The Best of Goal Management with Workload Manager on z/OS - This explains in detail the mechanisms used by Workload Manager to honor the goals as entered in the Service Definition Application. Additionally, all the functions executed by Workload Manager are listed here. Download

Smarter Mainframe: Mainframe with z/OS versus distributed server implementations of UNIX and x86 vendors. Comparision between HP with its HP-UX OS, Oracle (Sun) with its Solaris OS and x86 vendors such as Dell with Microsoft Windows OS against IBM System z mainframe on number of value propositions of each platform such as architecture, design, technology, systems management and investment protection. Read More about Smarter Computing

Mainframe of 1980s versus Mainframe of 2010s From 1980s client-server compuiting to 2010s zEnterprise server, the fastest general purpose CPU ever, running at 5.2Ghz, the changes that have taken place within the mainframe eco-system has made many of the traditional criticisms of the mainframe plaftform to simply go out of date. Read more about The role of the mainframe as a host environment for enterprise cloud computing - A Bathwick Group Whitepaper