Procedure to create multi volume zFS dataset


The z/OS V2.2 installation job RESTORE requires a "/tmp" directory of 10GB size on MTI-1.

A VSAM data set is limited to 4 GB across all volumes unless Extended Addressability is specified in the SMS data class definition.


1) Initialize 2 SMS volumes SM50AC and SM50AD

2) Add the volumes to Storage group ZFSSTGP which has extended addressability using the ISMF panel.

The dataset qualifiers "OMVS.ZOSV2R2" assigns the following classes.

Data Class : ZFSDTCL

Storage Class : ZFSSTCL

3) Activate the SCDS to add the 2 volumes to the SMS Volume List.

4) Using ISHELL utility:

Create a zFS Aggregate and File System as given below.

Aggregate name . . . . . OMVS.ZOSV2R2.Z22TMP

Permissions . . . . . . 750