Whenever an organization faces an extraordinary outage, because of a natural disaster, cyberattack or a human error the advanced preparation makes the difference between the recovery and catastrophe. In our experience, it has been seen that only three out of ten organizations were prepared to recover their services in these catastrophic events.
All the emphasis is placed on clients and their business operations. Maintec Tier III Data Centre provides a safe and secure environment for all disaster recovery efforts done by clients. Maintec and TFA maintain a duplicate of each customer’s current operating systems, programs, and data. All of which are immediately IPL-able. This results in faster disaster recovery tests and enhanced recovery capabilities from the present disaster for a faster RTO (Return To Operations) time. Furthermore, at Maintec and TFA we want our clients to experience a seamless, successful and stress-free recovery system. Being prepared for a disaster, is the best way to avoid one.

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