Mainframe on Demand

Maintec provides affordable remote access to the latest mainframe infrastructure for your development, training, additional short-term capacity and onshore outsourcing needs. Leverage our mainframe infrastructure and save the time, expense and manpower it would take to build your own.

Benefits of Maintec Mainframe on Demand

  • Provides you with remote mainframe access on a very cost effective, pay-per-use basis
  • Equips your IT with the latest mainframe capability
  • Optimizes cost and utilization while avoiding disruptive hardware upgrades and inefficient over-provisioning tactics
  • Solves temporary spikes and/or long-term increase in capacity (MIPS)
  • Frees up your inhouse staff to focus on core business

Maintec Mainframe on Demand - At a Glance

Hardware: IBM System z114 Business Class
Software environment: COBOL, PL/1, ASSEMBLER, C/370, C++, Java Compilers available
Operating System: z/OS 1.12
Accessibility: Unlimited
Connectivity: Remote Access via existing Internet media including Dial-ups, ISDN, Leased Line. Internet cost applicable based on actual internet usage. Individual PC/Node requires terminal evaluation software (TN3270). Free Emulation software can be downloaded from the internet.
Security: We assist in setting up a secured environment utilizing Z/OS.
Data Backup: We provide back up for all system related data.
Availability: Systems will be available 24 x 365 days a year. Any scheduled outage will be notified via broadcast message.
Customer Support: 24 hours online support via email.
Technical Support: We will be responsible for identifying and fixing system software. Severity based assistance will be provided for application problems, with a maximum response time of 48 hours.

Master the Mainframe with Maintec Mainframe Access on Rent

We provides you IBM Mainframe connectivity at an affordable and easily accessible cost. IBM Mainframes User Id's, IBM mainframe access at hourly, weekly or monthly rental. We are providing connectivity to z114 Mainframe server running latest z/OS operating system.

Mainframe Id's for Mainframe Learning

Ready to master the mainframe with unlimited accesibility, remote access and 24 hours online support? Maintec mainframe user id's on rent gives a right way to learn mainframe from home. contact us to Join online training for mainframe access.

Why Maintec?

With our complete z/OS infrastructure, deep expertise and proven practices, Maintec provides you with world-class mainframe services so you can improve efficiency and quality at optimum cost. Maintecs mainframe systems programmers and operations specialists step in and remotely (virtually) manage your mainframe operations 24x7x365, freeing up your in-house resources to focus on your core business.

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