Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

z/OS System Programming

Tight budgets and the shortage of mainframe systems programmers are making it difficult for organizations to install, upgrade, and maintain their z/OS system in the house. Maintec z/OS systems programming services coupled with its onshore data center in Raleigh, North Carolina provides quality and cost-effective solutions.

Maintec key strengths in z/OS systems programming


Deep expertise in managing z/OS system functions

Experienced mainframe programmers

Complete z/OS infrastructure in Raleigh, North Carolina

24/7 operation support and maintenance services

Customized, cost-effective services

z/OS System Programming

Next level of your z/OS infrastructure with flexibility, responsiveness and cost!


Maintec z/OS systems programming services

By assuming the responsibility of planning, installing, customizing, and maintaining your z/OS environment remotely, Maintec frees up your in-house resources to focus on your core business. Maintec provides services that support z/OS installation, conversion, and migration, including performance tuning and capacity planning of z/OS systems. Our expert team can also customize and interface your applications to take advantage of new functions.

Mainly engaged in the systems programming side of the z/OS environment, contact us to know more!

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Maintec z/OS system programming services include:

Planning and installing hardware

Installing program temporary fixes (PTFs)

Upgrading and migrating z/OS system software (via IBM ServerPac or CBPDO)

Installing and upgrading IBM and OEM software

Making IOCDS or IODF modifications for new hardware installation

Configuring and managing LPARs

Configuring and managing Sysplex

Developing and maintaining z/OS or other product exits

Integration-testing new products with existing applications and user procedures

Determining problems and interfacing with IBM or OEM vendors for solutions

Performance-tuning system-wide to meet required levels of service

Capacity planning and automating operations

Multiple global customers rely on Maintec’s z/OS systems programming services to align their business goals with IT and to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Contact us for more information on z/OS system planning, installation, upgrading, migration, and maintenance services.

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