Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives


Maintec Technology's Corporate Social Responsibility Program: Brahmi

Based in North Carolina, Maintec Technologies operates an office in Bangalore, India, and therefore maintains a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in both the USA and India. Maintec is proud to support the Brahmi Educational and Cultural Trust (www.Brahmi.org), a nonprofit, humanitarian organization in Bangalore, India dedicated to uplifting and educating disadvantaged rural children who have no access to educational resources. Without schools, teachers, or opportunities for learning, disadvantaged children from poor families in rural areas often fall prey to child labor and remain locked in a cycle of poverty for the rest of their lives.

Brahmi’s mission is to transform the lives of rural, poor children through education by building schools in impoverished areas where there are no other educational opportunities. Maintec Technologies contributes one percent of our revenue to Brahmi. In addition, our employees voluntarily contribute one percent of their salary to the program.

Rural School Provides Elementary Education

Brahmi runs the AnjanaVidyakendra rural school, recognized by the Karnataka Education Department, in a village called Desapandaguttahalli in AnekalTaluk, about 40 km east of Bangalore.

AnjanaVidyakendra has already provided elementary education for children, teaching them nutrition, health, hygiene, and cultural values.

The school library nurtures a love of reading and learning, and a new computer lab has opened up the world of computers to Anjana’s students. In turn, these children and their families have benefited through their commitment to learning by building a stronger community and by setting their sights on higher education. We are proud of the strong foundation we have laid through elementary education to strengthen and prepare students for high school and college or vocational education.

AnjanaVidyakendra was conceived as an elementary school and currently provides quality education to 180+ children at pre-primary (4-6 years) and primary (1st through 7th graders between 6-14 years) levels. The school’s supporters are gearing up to build the infrastructure and gather the necessary resources for opening a high school to maintain continuity of education for Anjana’s current students.

Education & Technology: A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Maintec Technologies remains dedicated to supporting Brahmi. By involving all our internal and external stakeholders – from employees to customers — we can help convert a disadvantaged population of India into educated, capable, and useful human resources, which we require for our existence as a company. We believe this partnership is a mutually beneficial approach to making a real difference to those in need. They can learn about the methods and culture of a corporate world, and become active and responsible members of society.

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