Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

Mainframe Hosting

The topmost concern for the mainframe industry is the aging workforce, and the cost of hosting infrastructure is increasing rapidly. The Mainframe is still the backbone of many core business processes, and Maintec adds value to reduce TCO and increase revenue by providing a comprehensive solution on the IBM mainframe platform.

Mainframe hosting by Maintec assist companies on existing investments and cut cost on the high cost of maintenance and operations. With tier 3 facility Maintec have a secure Data Centre at Raleigh, NC, capable of managing and providing operations support to your mainframe environment. Mainframe hosting experts at Maintec offers organizations the flexibility, cost-effective, and quality staff to meet the client’s environment-specific needs.

Maintec offers the best option of dedicated and shared hosting if you are planning to either just offload your mainframe environment or considering to migrate all your applications to a new platform.

IBM Mainframe Hosting Services Includes

Fully Managed Services:

Maintec is equipped to manage your mainframe infrastructure, hardware, and software processing in our state of the art data center. We can provide technical and operations support along with higher processing efficiency, decreased per-unit cost, and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) operations.

Remote Management:

While your Mainframe infrastructure (hardware and software) remains at your site, Maintec is capable of monitoring your mainframe processing. You get operational and technical support remotely to ensure superior performance. Our remote management services accommodate requirements ranging from dedicated installations to highly leveraged, shared environments.

Business Continuity Services:

Your business need is to preserve specific legacy workloads that are a vital part of your operations and troubling issues due to limited hardware options of available engines? Maintec helps you gain the you need for those indispensable jobs.

Access the worldclass z/OS infrastructure to host applications and data

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Features of Maintec's Raleigh, NC Data Center

8,000 sq ft total, State-of-the-art, raised-floor data center with the command center

Fiber connectivity available via several providers, including Windstream, Time Warner, AT & T

Constant 70-degree temperature

Liebert CRAC air conditioning units

Fire protection system

UPS With Battery Backup

Ethernet wiring closet

Constant building monitoring with CCTV cameras

Backup 150 kW Natural Gas Generator

Aqua Alert water detection system

Planning to Rehost your Mainframe application?

Mainframe Rehosting is a cost-effective way of overcoming the challenges of maintaining mainframe and its applications when most of the mainframe experts are at retiring age. We want to work on a customized proposal to better understand your Mainframe Rehosting requirements; please consult our expert.

Maintec is supporting IBM mainframe clients to overcome the challenges of mission-critical operation, staffing requirements, outsourcing mainframe, rehosting, and managed mainframe services since 1998. With in-house complete z/OS infrastructure, deep expertise and proven practices provide the world-class mainframe services enabling companies to achieve greater efficiency, reduced operations cost, and improved quality at an optimum cost. Download our Mainframe Services Brochure to know more about services.

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