Most organizations consider Mainframe systems as their primary and strategic business platform. The continually growing industry is demanding more and more skilled resources to manage the IBM Mainframe systems. At the same time, the recruitment challenges and shrinking talent pool are jeopardizing the Mainframe industry. Lack of Mainframe oriented career training in educational institutions and insufficient training facilities in the IT companies are posing serious challenges to the Mainframe staffing requirements. Maintec provides a comprehensive solution to these staffing challenges with our Staffing services on an on/offshore model.

What Maintec Offers ?

Maintec’s IT staffing services offer the hassle free way of recruiting qualified and trained offshore resources in IBM Mainframe platforms. With Maintec’s reliable and cost effective staffing solutions, global organizations can avail the best mainframe talents for offshore or onsite job requirements. Our Mainframe staffing services help freeing up customer organizations from overhead tensions of hiring, training and recruiting resources for critical Mainframe services.

Benefits of Maintec’s IT Staffing Services

Hire industry-ready talents now!

Maintec’s Procedure

Maintec follows a strategically planned and process driven approach in selecting the right candidate for our client organizations. Our remote staffing service is based on a high end, turnkey and non obligation solution -Hire, Train and Deploy (HTD). With HTD program, Maintec follows an excellent screening process to find the right fit resource for client organizations’ specific business requirements.
Maintec provides resources for undertaking the graveyard shift mainframe operations of global organizations. Competent Mainframe professionals available for working in the second, third shifts, weekend and holiday shifts at an optimum cost is the highlight of our graveyard shift services.

Why Maintec ?

With our Mainframe industry knowledge, up to date Mainframe infrastructure and thoroughly trained resources, we aim to provide a virtual extension of your organization offshore in India. Maintec’s highly reliable and cost effective remote staffing solutions empower global organizations to be more competitive, cost effective and flexible.