We are a trusted staff augmentation company empowered with the right talent and right resources. Our staffing services help clients consistently executing large-scale IT projects and other technology initiatives.

Our IT staffing services are aimed at supporting and providing experienced as well as skilled technology experts when enterprises experience skill shortage or when they want to compensate for the peak time demands necessary for project completion. You can expand either couple of resources or recruit a dedicated software development team throughout the entire life cycle of the project in a cost-effective manner.

Benefits of Maintec Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation helps you engage your resources in activities that are important for your business, while the rest is taken care of by the offshore team. The most important benefit that staff augmentation brings to the table is helping organizations focus on the important aspects of the business. Maintec, as one of the top recruitment agencies in India, does precisely what is required for your business. It recognizes your business requirements and hires the right resources, thus relieving you out of the bare essential of routine administrative tasks, and allowing you more time and energy to concentrate on the more productive tasks and undertaking the organizational objectives.

Hire industry-ready talents now!

Maintec offers flexible staff augmentation services and provides clients with on-demand skills and resources, becoming an expansion of your IT business. Placements that cover local and national needs with highly specialized and difficult to find professional and management positions at the mid- to senior-level.

The industries are: