Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

Advantages of CICS for Your Organization’s Mainframe Transactions

Mainframes are utilized in the day by day activities of substantial associations to perform basic and complex applications. Since they play a vital role in the business activities, it is to be ensured that we get best from the mainframe for your business needs. Each business requires a top of the line computing solution to streamline forms, improve effectiveness, upgrade client administration and eventually amplify the benefits. For a considerable length of time, numerous vast associations have depended on mainframes to accomplish this. Performance and Security are the important features of Mainframe.

High-end performance – For decades, mainframes have been the elite machines for some organizations. A portion of the convincing focal points like the mainframe’s capacity to have various working frameworks, capacity to host multiple operating systems, ability to virtualize hundreds of software applications and their capability to handle billions of transactions, empower clients to build up an elite IT condition.

Exceedingly secure – For expansive enterprises and government associations verifying information is significant. They absolutely need a secured computing platform to maintain their organizations effectively. One convincing preferred standpoint offered by the mainframe is that organizations can have full authority over their information.

There are two main types of transactions, namely, Batch processing and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP).


Batch Processing is the oldest type of transaction processing. Firstly, the organization will store all requests/queries of customers in batches of files. Then, processes them batch wise in bulk. In batch processing, output is not immediate where the user has to wait for response from the organization.


Online Transaction Processing is immediate whereas batch processing is not. Here in OLTP, the user will get immediately when the request is sent. Examples of  OLTP are, ATM transactions, payments made in supermarkets etc.

In OLTP transactions, there are again two types of transactions, short transactions and long transactions. Short transactions are he requests which are resolved within few seconds using one or few programs. Examples are: balance enquiry, address change, etc. Whereas long transactions take few hours to few days to resolve the issue and use multiple programs to resolve the customer queries.


CICS is a transaction processing system of the mainframe’s OS that handles OLTP transactions of an association.

CICS is an accumulation of programs that together structures an online application programming interface (API) to clients. Clients can demand administrations and association can process the request and send response to clients through this API. CICS can likewise empower different clients to make numerous requests at an equivalent time by means of this API.

CICS has all the attributes that a perfect transaction framework ought to have. They are called ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) properties of transactions.


 Property of whether performing the transaction completely  or not. For instance, in the event that there is a bank exchange between accounts, at that point cash ought to be charged from one record and in the meantime, it ought to be attributed into another record so as to play out the transaction totally.


This property of CICS ensures that the information is predictable all through the transaction. From the above precedent, the cash exchanged ought to be equivalent when the transaction.


 This property is identified with security. At the point when more than one transaction is occurring in the meantime, transaction ought to be undetectable or somewhat obvious to the outsider. In the previously mentioned precedent, the transaction is undetectable to other people or just the person who is associated with the transaction can see the record.


Once the transaction is finished, information ought not be lost or changed. At the point when cash is exchanged, the transaction ought not to be turned around in any circumstance, notwithstanding when there is any framework disappointment.

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