Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

RACF Administration

Maintec provides RACF security administration services remotely, identifying and verifying users, authorizing user access to protected resources, and recording and reporting access attempts.

Business benefits of Maintec RACF Mainframe Security Administration

Available for centralized or de-centralized environment

Administered to your installation's security goals

Restricts access to only preauthorized users or tasks

Controls access to data, applications, system software

Controls access at specific levels (read, write, delete, modify)

Lowers the cost of administration

Safeguards business continuity

Provides flexibility for database management

Reduces maintenance programming and administration overhead

Audits any and all activities performed by the users and the system

Controls input to and output from the system

Maintec RACF Security Administration Services

Maintecs experienced RACF security specialists evaluate your specific mainframe security requirements as well as your identification and authentication technologies, then develop the security framework to match your requirements.

Partner with Maintec for security services to build, manage & monitor your security program

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Maintec RACF Security Administration Services include

Installing and maintaining RACF and other security-related RACF software.

Administering and maintaining RACF databases

Installing and maintaining RACF installation exit routines

Determining which resources are protected

Determining which users and groups are known to RACF

Administering security to meet an installation's security goals

Administering TSO user IDs, and defining users and resources to RACF

Authorizing users to access the protected resources

Controlling the means of access to resources

Performing daily administration tasks

Coordinating with other administrators, such as the tape librarian

Logging and reporting unauthorized access to protected resources

Maintecs RACF security administration services enable a flexible and responsive access control strategy to ensure maximum security for your critical mainframe data. Contact us for more information about our RACF security administration services.

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