Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

Data Center Management

Datacenter Management is the key to IT operations of any enterprise. It is crucial for business to have resilient and secure functioning of a Datacenter with 100% uptime. However managing an IBM Mainframe-based Datacenter in-house is a cumbersome task at the time of tightened budgets and shrinking Mainframe skills. With in depth Mainframe technical expertise and unparalleled global delivery capabilities, we at Maintec provide Datacenter Management services that help organizations to better align IT with their business goals.

What Maintec offers you ?

Maintec’s Mainframe industry knowledge with a perfect blend of offshore and on-site resources, offers you comprehensive Datacenter management services on IBM Mainframe and Midrange platforms. Our Datacenter Management services helps IT organizations securely, remotely and proactively manage their Datacenter for optimum performance round the clock. Maintec’s strength lies in: In-house complete Z/OS infrastructure

Skilled and experienced mainframe professionals

On-site and Offshore delivery centres

State of the art command centre

Completely secure - with RACF Security Administration

Offshore outsourcing and Remote services ensuring reduction in TCO

Round the clock service (24/7/365 ) with 0% downtime.

Un-matched customer service and support

Complete zLinux-in-a-Box solution in our North Carolina data center

Flexible “Plug & Play” facility

Data center management services on IBM z Mainframes (System z, Linux for z) and IBM Power Systems ( IBM i, AIX, Linux).

Physical & data security

24x7x365 support and maintenance

Disaster recovery capability

Maintec's datacenter management services

Mainframe Remote System Software Support

z/OS Upgrade

PTF's installations

OEM product installations

DB2 Adminstration

CICS System Support

Capacity planning and Performance Management Solutions

Z/OS Security Server(RACF) Consulting Services

Mainframe remote operations support

Managing processors and peripheral devices

Mainframe console operations

Z/OS operating control system

Job entry subsystem

All the applications that run Z/OS

Message processing and command processing

Remote storage administration tasks

At Maintec we provide automated, incessant 24/7 follow the sun operational support to meet client’s business requirements. We remotely monitor the client’s environment and effectively identify threshold violations/ errors based on our predefined metrics. Maintec’s operations support team utilize intuitive alarming and escalation methodologies, and provide robust reporting for showing an accurate real time picture of the current state of your critical infrastructure.

Mainframe mid-range service

Maintec’s mid-range service caters to both AIX and iSeries (AS/400) environments. We deliver :

L1/L2 support for client data centres

Operation Support

Product support

Remote server administration

Batch Stream monitoring

Maintec offers access to world-class technology, process and resources that helps you stay competitive in this changing business environment. Our ability in customizing Mainframe services tailored with technical expertise and experience is solely designed for your current and future organizational business requirements. This quality and maturity of our mainframe Datacenter management services are getting rewards of excellence. Maintec, your most trusted offshore outsourcing partner, named among Top 10 most promising IMS service providers of 2011 .Download our datacenter management brochure.

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