Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

Data Science

Scalable data science platform to drive business value!

Data science is a multifaceted field used to gain insights from complex data. Data can be collected and stored easily, but getting the value from it proves to be difficult. With the help of data science, a business can achieve this with little effort.

Through data science, we create a process that will process the data and free up resources time to work on more demanding tasks. Many businesses face challenges to get the right data predictive model.


Maintec offers unique data science solutions and services to developing models, optimization, and performance tuning of the models. Using a research and development approach to investigate the best possible strategy and execute it at the highest level. Our team analyses each data source input, and an engineering solution to determine if it can be automated and gives any productive value.

Process our data science experts follow

Consultation : Identifying the problem and crafting the best solution

Data preparation : Analyzing and correcting data sets

Model generation : Creating a suitable model and optimizing according to results

Enhancement : Based on the results fine-tuning the model to achieve desired results

Training : Training conducted for users and technical teams

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Our custom data science services include

Machine Learning

Predictive Modeling

Discrete Event Simulation

Classification and Segmentation


Mathematical Optimization

Descriptive Analysis

Survival Analysis

Maintec with its domain expertise across verticals assists the business to develop and implement comprehensive data solutions to tackle specific problems, automating workflows, and giving the flexibility to consume information in a predictive manner. Our well trained and experienced team will support your IT team to deliver predicted project goals.

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