Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

Dedicated Account Manager

Handling social media accounts proving to be difficult?

No worries, Maintec offers Dedicated Social media account Management Services where we handle your social media accounts from posts to interacting with your customers. Handing over your social media accounts to us to handle gives your time to focus on your other day-to-day business activities.

Social Media presence has become an integral part of business marketing. Social media presence makes your business stay ahead of the competition.


Even though your business is not operating with a lot of social interaction, you still need to have the social media presence to let people/ customers know that your business is real, legitimate and openly communicates with its customers and prospects.

Also, social presence plays an integral part in SEO as search engines rely more and more on signals from social media accounts as a means to analyze your business activity.

Running various social media accounts becomes time-consuming and challenging, our social media account managers handle your accounts on behalf of you by posting regular attracting posts, sharing important news, interacting with customers, and if required flagging inappropriate comments, etc.

We offer different Social Media Account Management plans

Services included are

Optimizing social media accounts and network

Original posts

Custom graphic images

Cover and profile photo designs

Social media account audit

Brand reputation analysis

Boost Posts

Competitor analysis

Data-driven social strategy

Maintec will build, manage, maintain, and engage with your target audience on social media so you can focus on growing your business. Our services are cost-effective and we have a transparent pricing model. Our dedicated account managers not only go beyond learning your business and competitors, but they also take an active interest in your team.

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