Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

ERP SOlutions

Still using the same software for years and facing issues that have a slow production and you’ve found your best workarounds with no productivity where it could be? Built by industry experts for different verticles, Maintec ERP Services ERP services can stop running the problem and lets you start leading the business functions. Maintec has good relationships with leading IBM i-based ERP software vendors with solutions for banking, finance, retail, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare sectors. Maintec’s ERP services integrate people, processes, and modern technologies across the enterprise and can help in migrating to new solutions while reducing initial costs. Maintec can host your existing ERP Solution and deliver services cost-effectively to fully manage your cloud ERP solution.

Maintec’s ERP solutions benefits

Reduce manual and spreadsheet-based processes

Real-time visibility across the business

Focused IT costs

Centralized and streamlined information

Better insight with improved reporting and planning

Total visibility of cash balance

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Explore the ERP solution with Maintec

Maintec serves companies using IBM i based ERP Solutions by providing perfect growth plans, ability to execute on them, and support for your entire business software environment. We have skilled professionals with a depth understanding of specific business challenges and objectives on ERP functionality to get the best performance of your ERP implementation.

It’s one of the biggest important facts to have an ERP solution that provides real-time access to accurate business intelligence that helps to ensure better resource planning, scheduling, and tracking the business information, and Maintec helps to drive your business growth by providing industries best solutions.


  • preventing prolonged downtime with dynamic monitoring,
  • maximizing resource utilization and minimizing operational costs,
  • providing continuous and real-time surveillance for identifying issues,
  • supporting business growth


Businesses are witnessing a mountain of benefits by capitalizing IBM i Managed Services, which are invented to augment the security, efficiency and overall operations of their IBM i environment. The key advantages are

  • Immediate identification and preemptive problem solving to ensure seamless business operations
  • Ongoing monitoring and planned optimization guarantee strengthened performance of IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) Systems
  • IBM i Managed Services enhance resource utilization, reducing operational costs thus maximizing ROI
  • Employing IBM i Managed Services results in reduction of capital expenses by shifting the IT costs to be used for revenue-generating initiatives
  • 24*7*365 monitoring and prompt support, irrespective of time, diminishes the risk of lengthy downtime
  • Businesses obtain access to a pool of skilled professionals with diverse expertise, disqualifying the need for hiring an in-house IT team to support demands from the heterogeneous IT landscape.


  • Performing real-time monitoring of business-critical applications and services to identify and resolve potential problems
  • Configuring and customizing the systems as per business needs
  • Implementing structured data back-ups to disallow data loss
  • Developing and evaluating thorough disaster recovery plans
  • Executing system upgrades ensuring cutting-edge IBM i environment
  • Providing guidance on advanced technologies and best practices
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