Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

Google Ads

Not getting the required positive results from your Google Ads campaigns???

Maintec understands what it takes to develop a great effective Google ads strategy depending on your products or services. We assist you to create the cost-effective and crowd-pulling Google Ads Campaign to reach your set targeted goals.

Google Ads is the best platform to reach out to the set targeted audience. It has the option to set daily budgets and create the audience group only who will get to see your ads, which will help you to spend your investments in the limit.


Without the proper strategic plan, Google ads can prove to be very costly. Whereas with proper keyword research and competitors analysis and impactful Ad copies Google ad campaign can prove to be cost-effective and see results from day one.

Why every business should invest in Google Ads?

Best way to promote business in other Google partner websites

Can test and edit the ads anytime

Can get the targeted traffic within the short timespan

Will be able to use multiple targeted keywords

Can run an ad with a very minimal daily budget

Easily to track the ROI from the specific campaign

Google Ads are revenue generators as they capture the attention of Targeted customers and land them on the desired landing page of your products/services. It can be optimized for mobile and can use both text and images ads to target.

Maintec Google ads team will assist you in attracting highly eager buyers to your site who otherwise wouldn’t have found your website. The costs of Google Ads depends on many factors, including how much you will be willing to spend, competition for the keywords you want to focus on, etc., We can assure you that Google Ads is very accountable.

Cost-effective ad campaigns to remain ahead of the competition!

Google Adward

Our tested and proven process involves

It is the first and foremost important step in planning a campaign. Using the latest and updated Keyword tools and techniques our team will determine the best relevant keywords which will provide the ROI

This gives us an idea of how your competitors are leverage Google ads so that we can have a huge competitive advantage. With this, we can modify our bids and landing page strategy.

Ad copies are the lifeline to achieving the required conversion rates. We create multiple ad copies and use the best performing ad copy in the campaign

The landing page is like the first impression of your business. With the design and development team in-house we design the landing page keeping the personas of the targeted audience in mind.

Monthly or weekly reports will be done transparently giving you the insights of the money spent and the results achieve. We also let you know the plan of action for the next month.

Google Ads campaign management can prove to be time-consuming and complex, without the proper monitoring and adjustment it can drain in a lot of money. Maintec can manage all aspects of your Google campaign, improve your campaign results, and lets you focus on your core business. We have the experience of working with companies in different domains which prove to be an advantage to us. We understand the purpose of your campaign and provide you the best comprehensive keywords research, match options, bids, budgets, ads, and tracking continuingly.

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