Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

IBM z14: More Secure, Flexible, Powerful and more Analytical

IBM is promoting the capacities of the z14 as having the capacity to convey extra an incentive to the client through nonstop hardware and software advancement. Mainframe clients look to the new abilities of new hardware release to help plan their future prerequisites so it is indispensable that current clients comprehend the advantages of the new machine. Be that as it may, IBM is shooting higher with the z14; though most new mainframe rollouts center around improving the experience for the introduced base, the z14 is likewise focusing on new establishments.

Let’s have a look on the z14 as far as the four characteristics delineated in the title of this piece – security, flexibility, power and analytics – and perceive how  every  assistance to assist the objective of fulfilling existing clients while endeavouring to draw new ones.


The IBM z14 gives Pervasive Encryption, making the stage a standout amongst the most secure hardware contributions accessible. Particular cryptographic hardware is used to scramble information and secure encryption keys, empowered through incorporation with an alter reacting cryptographic HSM.

The IBM z14 inescapably ensures all application and database information, without intruding on business applications and tasks, constantly, at any scale. Genuine start to finish information insurance is given to all in-flight organize information and APIs. Envision having the capacity to secure every one of your information and applications without requiring IT or software engineer activity. With the z14 this progresses toward becoming reality rather than creative ability.


IBM additionally declared progressively flexible pricing options to make it simpler for clients to reasonably embrace and use the IBM z14 for an outstanding task at hand that should be run. Dubbed Container Pricing and involving three new models, clients can recognize workload to compartments and pay for them independently of any other workload at a reduced price.

Container Pricing is a critical leap forward for mainframe clients since it offers competitive economics versus alternative platforms such as public clouds and on-premises x86 servers.


Power is the third part of the IBM z14 declaration. The IBM z14 conveys all the more processing power and upgraded I/O abilities over its predecessor, the IBM z13. It builds the execution of the individual PUs (processor units), expands the quantity of PUs per system, redesigns the system cache, increases the amount of memory possible, and introduces new I/O technologies.

The system is fit for running in excess of 12 billion encrypted transactions for each day on a single system. Also, the IBM z14 conveys industry driving scale to address the issues of present day connected workloads. It can run a million Docker containers on single stage. IBM likewise has recorded the world’s biggest MongoDB instance at 17TB.

The IBM z14 highlights the business’ quickest microchip, running at 5.2GHz, and another adaptable system structure that conveys up to a 35 percent limit increment for both conventional and Linux workloads at hand, contrasted with the past generation z13.


The fourth aspect of the IBM z14 is its ability to offer a superior platform for analytics & machine learning for continuous intelligence across the enterprise.

The Machine Learning on z platform, announced earlier this year, delivers an agile machine learning solution that enables customers to convert enterprise data into opportunity. The IBM z14 offers a superior platform for optimizing your decision process by quickly training, deploying and continuously monitoring a high volume of high quality predictive behavioral models. The IBM z14 can also rapidly analyze large volumes of data with consistent response times by exploiting the additional memory and faster processors of the z14.

IBM z14 is optimized for intelligence and insight. It boasts 50 new instructions optimized for Java and delivers 1.5x faster Java on IBM z than alternative x86 platforms. Pause-less garbage collection is built into the processor, reducing pause times by up to 10x for predictable high-performing transaction processing at-scale. And with up to 32 TB of memory available, it is possible to efficiently process huge amounts of information for real-time business insights.

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