Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

Mainframe Operation Tools

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Effective management of mainframe operations is vital for maintaining the reliability, security, and efficiency of IT infrastructures dependent on mainframe systems. Here are the five leading mainframe operation tools: IBM Omegamon, CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence, BMC MainView, Syncsort Ironstream, and ASG TMON. Each tool offers unique features and capabilities customized to various aspects of mainframe operations management. 

I. IBM Omegamon: IBM Omegamon is a comprehensive suite of performance and availability management tools crafted for IBM mainframes. It delivers real-time monitoring and management capabilities for crucial mainframe subsystems, including z/OS, CICS, DB2, IMS, and MQ.

Real-time Monitoring

Provides detailed visibility into mainframe performance metrics in real-time.

Automation and Alerts

Detects problems automatically and issues alerts for swift identification and resolution.

Resource Utilization

Monitors resource usage o optimize performance and minimize operational costs.

Historical Analysis

provides historical data analysis o identify trends and facilitate capacity planning.


Ideal for large enterprises requiring robust monitoring and management of complex mainframe environments to ensure high availability and optimal performance.

2. CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence (MOI): CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence (MOI) employs machine learning to deliver advanced operational insights. It flawlessly integrates with existing monitoring tools to augment visibility and predictive analytics capabilities.

Anomaly Detection

Automatically identifies anomalies in performance metrics and generates alerts.

Early Problem Detection

MOI predicts problems earlier by dynamically alerting on abnormal patterns of operation.

Integrated Monitoring

Integrates with existing monitoring tools to provide a unified view of mainframe operations.

Anomaly Detection

Automatically identifies anomalies in performance metrics and generates alerts.

Dashboard and Reporting

Offers user-friendly dashboards and comprehensive reports for real-time and historical analysis.


Suited for organizations aiming to implement predictive analytics in their mainframe operations, particularly those looking to proactively address performance issues.

3. BMC MainView: BMC MainView is a suite of integrated management solutions designed to optimize mainframe performance and availability. It offers a holistic view of mainframe operations, facilitating efficient resource management and problem resolution.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Covers a broad spectrum of mainframe components, including z/OS, DB2, IMS, and MQ.

Performance Optimization

Optimizes resource utilization to enhance performance and reduce costs.

Automated Problem Resolution

Employs automated diagnostic and resolution tools to minimize downtime.


Scales effectively to manage expanding mainframe environments.


Best suited for enterprises in need of a scalable and integrated solution for comprehensive mainframe management, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

4. Syncsort Ironstream: Syncsort Ironstream focuses on integrating mainframe operational data with modern analytics platforms like Splunk and Elastic. It enables organizations to leverage real-time analytics for enhanced visibility and decision-making.

Data Integration

Seamlessly integrates mainframe data with leading analytics platforms.

Real-Time Analytics

Provides real-time monitoring and analytics for improved operational insights.

Predictive Insights

Utilizes predictive analytics to anticipate potential issues before they occur.


Scales to handle large volumes of mainframe data effectively.


Ideal for organizations seeking to integrate mainframe data with modern analytics solutions, providing enhanced visibility and actionable insights through real-time analytics.

5. ASG TMON – ASG TMON is a suite of performance management solutions offering comprehensive monitoring and management for mainframe environments. It supports various mainframe subsystems, including z/OS, CICS, DB2, IMS, and MQ.

Real-Time Monitoring

Provides real-time visibility into the performance and availability of mainframe systems.

Performance Analytics

Offers advanced analytics for performance tuning and capacity planning.


Features automated alerting and issue resolution to minimize manual intervention.

User-Friendly Interface

Provides intuitive dashboards and reports for easy access to critical performance data.


Suitable for enterprises seeking an integrated performance management solution offering real-time monitoring, advanced analytics, and automated issue resolution for their mainframe environments.


Mainframe Operation Tools play a vital role in ensuring efficient and reliable mainframe performance. These tools offer comprehensive monitoring, advanced analytics, and automation capabilities, empowering organizations to optimize their mainframe operations, enhance security, and ensure compliance with industry standards. By leveraging these tools, enterprises can maintain high availability, improve performance, and reduce operational costs, thereby ensuring their mainframe environments continue to support critical business processes effectively.

Maintec provides organizations the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and quality they need to achieve mainframe operations excellence, by leveraging our skilled staff and onshore data center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Maintec also provides a wide range of data center services, including z/OS, Linux, and IBM i systems administration and programming. If needed, Maintec Technologies also provides IT staffing services, both at the client’s site and remotely. Maintec provides 24/365 mainframe operations support with our excellent graveyard shift support services. For more information about mainframe operation support services, contact Maintec Technologies.

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