Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

Mainframe Systems Support

Every organization and company of every size and capacity has embraced automation and its effervescent practices to modernize and optimize the system with the ultimate objective of improving and establishing a better frontier for the quality of services and user experience. Many businesses rely on their mainframe systems for crucial business tasks and losing that knowledge can be disastrous. Our Mainframe System Support Services concentrate largely on the mainframe Systems Programming environment. True, we started as a Mainframe Consulting firm. It’s no coincidence that our Mainframe staff has a lot of experience and that we can provide value-priced support & services to our customers. Under the broad umbrella of Systems Programming.


Our mainframe System Support can perform and also a detailed responsibility task list will be developed at the time of engagement

24/7 continuous end-to-end mainframe monitoring and support

Modify job priorities and inspect job outputs and print queues

Review SYSLOG taking preventative and\or corrective action upon receipt of warning messages

Monitoring of system alarms and action messages

Performing system task monitoring, executing IPL’s

Monitor performance of online regions

Perform SMF Data Extractions for Various Projects

Update JCL on the mainframe per instructions

Resolving ABENDS and restarting jobs according to documented procedures

Makes it possible to track and solve the problems through Problem Tracking System

To resolve issues, level2 and 3 support is available

Perform special backups of production databases per requests

Assume responsibility for system console operations

Initiating proactive actions when appropriate

Maintain operational documentation and procedures manuals

Take appropriate action to resolve requests, inquiries and incidents with the online environments.

Provide Technical Support for TCP/IP Addressing.

Follow documented procedures for investigation, resolution, reporting of batch job failures to Service Desk

Above is a list of Tasks that our system programmers can perform. Our clients can improve and sustain the performance, agility, and security of their applications, systems, and data with mainframe system support solutions and services, while streamlining their operations.

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We’ve assisted a lot of clients in securing long-term assistance for mainframe services at cost-effective rates. Maintec’s Mainframe system Support Services Offering is a tried-and-true, flexible, and adaptable solution to meet your ever-changing requirements. Maintec provides a professional workforce remote and onshore- Raleigh, North Carolina, to enterprises with the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and quality they require to achieve mainframe operations excellence. With our graveyard shift support services, Maintec delivers mainframe system support 24 x7(365). Contact Maintec Technologies for more information about mainframe operating support services.

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