Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

Social Media Management

Need to improve communication with users and brand visibility?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) from Maintec Technologies uses social networking sites as a tool for promoting websites, thereby increasing traffic and potential future customers.

90% users searching the internet do not look any further than the first page of the search engine, and that 70% clicks on the first three results only, it is obvious that the position on the first page of the search engine is the only goal to strive for when optimizing a website.


Maintec’s Social Media Marketing helps businesses to Tackle competition, build impactful growth strategies, and Analyse using an effective tool to engage better and create meaningful communication.

Our team helps you to build powerful content for social media communication which will have the potential to create the buzz in your targeted industry.

Our SMM strategic plan will help you to use social media to

Build Brand Identity

Monitor your brand

Get new prospects

Generate leads

Reach top search engine rankings

Online reputation management

Be connected with your customer

Getting inbound sales

All-In-One Social Media Marketing Service you will ever need!

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Our SMM services include-

Setting up your profiles in all social media platforms

Profile optimization

Content and graphics to brand your business

Strategic monthly and daily social media plans

Blog posts to increase engagement on the page

Social media share button and icon integration

Our proven social media marketing process

A random posting of images and messages doesn’t get the required brand presence on social media. Our team of social media experts follows our tested and proven social media strategy to build a strong brand image and brand presence on social media platforms.

Creating powerful content

Flawless implementation of the strategy

Finally, monitoring and optimization using the best of social media tools

Reporting the results

Thorough Audience research to get the insight of Audience personas

Profile optimization Competition Analysis to find out how active your competitors are

Effective Social Media marketing plan based on the research and analysis

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