Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives


The modern mainframe offers unmatched security, cost savings, availability, reliability and reduced environmental impact in the data centre and as part of a multi-cloud environment. The total cost of operation is equal or less when compared to other platforms especially when you take Disaster Recovery into consideration.

Saying the mainframes are dead is not completely true, It’s just that it has not received the needed attention in this era of digital transformation.

IBM z Series Enterprise Servers gives the large companies the needed speed, power and reliability to process their large numbers of transactions and gain insights from their data. The second nature of mainframes computer systems and applications are their high availability that can scale on demand and deliver performance with the optimal security.

Few Strengths of IBM Z series

  • One of the main features of Z series. IBM z14 Provides Pervasive Encryption, which makes it one of the highly secure hardware available. It also protects all applications and database data extensively, without interrupting business applications and operations of any scale, at all the time. To all in-flight and API’s, true end-to-end data protection is enabled. The imagination of having able to protect the data and applications without the need of IT programmer becomes reality with IBM z14.
  • IBM z14 compresses high end processing and enhanced I/O capabilities. Latest model also have increased performance of the individual Processor Units, increases in the number of PUs per system, a redesigned system cache, and an increase in the amount of memory possible. Over 12 billion encrypted transactions can be run on a single system using the latest z14.
  • The mainframe and z/OS have been providing critical business value with transaction processing systems like CICS and IMS for a long time now. And DB2 and IMS databases are used to back up the transactions processed by z/OZ. The applications and databases hosted on mainframe systems give useful information that mobile users need to access.
  • System z platform can be used consistently and effectively to connect mobile devices. With z/OS Connect the mainframe can use a single interface on z/OS that accepts standard mobile protocols and formats that can interact with multiple systems on the mainframe.
  • The Z platform provides a higher platform for analytics & machine learning for continuous intelligence across the enterprise.
  • Using Machine learning on an IBM z14 one can optimize their decision processes by quickly training, deploying and continuously monitoring a high volume of high quality predictive behavioural models.
  • The IBM z14 can analyze enormous volumes of data with consistent response times by exploiting the z14’s additional memory and faster processors.
  • The ROI of the IBM Z Enterprise Server is competitive with other platforms when calculated over the lifetime of the platform. Sometimes the higher initial cost scares off people who do not work to identify the lifetime ROI of the servers.

z Enterprise Servers are best-suited for large organizations with high-speed transaction processing requirements and robust security requirement. It is a strong, stable, scalable platform. The pervasive encryption feature makes it easy to protect data without requiring a lot of work and management to identify and secure specific data – instead, pervasive encryption can be used to protect everything quickly and efficiently. The initial high cost perhaps makes it unsuitable for smaller organizations without an IT infrastructure to manage it. Maintec Technologies provides a fully manages environment suitable to this very need in a dedicated or a shared environment.

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