Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives
Let Us Manage Your Mainframe Environment & Start Your Modernization Initiatives

IBM Wazi as a Service to Accelerate Innovation with IBM z/OS Dev and Test

In order to update apps across hybrid cloud settings, IBM has introduced new functionalities. Path to market reduction is a crucial objective of enterprise digital transformation in order to address unforeseen obstacles and opportunities. To help extract value from apps and data that are dispersed across various environments, organizations could use an agile hybrid cloud strategy. In order to build hybrid applications, it is also intended to make IBM Z accessible as a service on the IBM Cloud. 71 percent of executives who participated in the IBM Institute for Business Value research “Application Modernization on the Mainframe” said mainframe-based applications were essential to their strategic planning process. Businesses that operate their mission-critical applications on IBM zSystems would like to take complete use of the cloud to accelerate their development.

Accessibility to z/OS is made available on demand by IBM Wazi as a Service when requested for testing and development (Wazi aaS). It will be globally ready for the second half of 2022, bringing z/OS functionalities to the IBM Cloud for the first time. By announcing this, IBM has greatly shortened the time necessary to unlock z/OS development and test environments from days or weeks to no more than six minutes or less. According to internal IBM tests, development for z/OS on the IBM Cloud is up to 15 significantly faster than developing and testing for x86 equivalently.

The core of hybrid cloud modernization is the adaptation or modernizing of legacy platforms and business applications to benefit from novel methodologies, encompassing modern programming languages, frameworks, and infrastructure platforms. A few have equated it to remodeling or refurbishing an older structure, and that is valid in terms of how modernization activities can increase the durability and worth of current systems and applications.

  IBM Wazi as a Service-Optimizing Developer Competence

●  On-demand access to z/OS for development and testing will increase speed and agility.

●  With predictable and adaptable consumption-based pricing, accelerate DevOps techniques.

●  With continuous cloud-native development expertise, the requirement for specialist talents can be decreased.

●  IBM is also working with strategic partners like TCS and BMC to help IBM Z clients expedite the transformation of their programs, datasets, and functions in an open hybrid cloud architecture.

Another equally significant, if less talked-about, issue is how firms can guarantee that key personnel, such as programmers and managers, have access to the resources they require to update current apps and procedures or build whole new cutting-edge ones.

The IBM Wazi Developer for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces (Wazi Developer), a 2020 provider, was created to speed up the modernization of IBM Z applications by assisting professional developers in integrating into the mainframe ecosystem, using contemporary programming skills, and developing hybrid applications using well-known cloud native tools.

By providing IBM Wazi as-a-Service (Wazi aaS) using IBM Z tools to optimize IBM z/OS development and test on IBM Cloud, the new solution goes a few levels higher. Programmers on the transformation of the IBM Z platform will have recourse to and be able to self-provision z/OS Virtual Server instances on the IBM Cloud with whichever blend of assets they need.

The newly introduced stack, which is the first set of skills in favor of the IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Center, is intended to assist businesses with:

●       Streamline application and data access by developing and integrating encrypted APIs.

●       Utilize open tools and quick application analysis with flexible enterprise DevOps for cloud-native development.

●       By having access to open source environments like Kubernetes, you can standardize IT automation.

These services, which all utilize the same automated CI/CD pipeline, give developers freedom and choice alongside Wazi aaS.

Using IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery, your programmers can now test out DevSecOps that is prepared for the industry. Leveraging resources from IBM, third parties, and open source, you are able to build an integrated secure toolchain using these services’ customizable, transferable frameworks. With IBM-hosted Git repositories and issue tracking powered by GitLab Community Edition, you can further simplify the deployment workflow, monitor source code, and keep track of activities. For programmers, this can lower accessibility barriers and create the opportunity for increased productivity.

Combining the best of both worlds is IBM Wazi aaS. Businesses may alter the traditional software development workflow for z/OS applications by realizing the full potential of IBM zSystems and utilizing the adaptability of IBM Cloud for initial development and test for DevOps-based development.

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