Enterprises can rely on Maintec Technologies for reliable and cost-effective CICS systems programming services, including installation, monitoring, and maintenance.

Business benefits of Maintec's CICS systems programming services

  • Shorter development cycles
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Easier incorporation of new functions
  • Easier maintenance
  • Cost-effective management
  • Maximum resource utilization
  • Consolidation of distributed servers into one System Z server

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Maintec CICS system programming services

  • Installation of CICS software products
  • CICS configuration and monitoring
  • CICS maintenance services
  • Analysis and documentation of CICS error conditions
  • Definition, installation, and maintenance of the CICS DB2 environment
  • Implementation of CICSPLEX
  • Configuring CICS to communicate with non-CICS systems
  • Configuring CICS with RACF or OEM security product

Why Maintec?

Maintec has long and deep experience in providing globally compliant CICS mainframe programming services. For more information about our CICS systems programming services contact Maintec Technologies.