As the use of smartphones is widespread across the world, impacted the gaming industry to have a massive evolution. And, India has emerged as one of the largest gaming markets and still set to grow even wider during this ongoing world pandemic. Even as mobile gaming users on the rise, PC and console gaming still hold its niche among the gaming community.

Maintec has a team of game developers who are known for delivering unmatched gaming experience through their skills and knowledge. Moreover, Unity game development provides a platform for developers to focus more on their skills. Our team consists of developers who believe in bringing out the best solution for every problem faced by analyzing the basic requirement of the client and delivering a quality product within a short duration.

Turn your gaming idea into an awesome game!

Our developers focus more on features such as testing, graphics, animation, editing, light optimization, and much more. The developed game passes through different test stages before release, and this ensures a bug-free and enhanced user experience. We have all the essential features and resources to meet out your requirement and serve you with the best quality game.

Benefits of choosing Maintec :

Unity Assets and Plugins

Unity has plugins and assets such as terrain packs, social plugins, mega shapes pro builder which can be utilized by developers to deliver the best quality game.

Design Variable

A cross-platform game engine that supports all 2D, 3D, Unity UI, and Next-Gen UI (NGUI).


Game developers prefer Unity because of its developer-friendly features such as easy scripting, rendering, and scalable APIs. We have these proven capabilities.

Maintec Technologies is proud to state that we are among the few Indian companies which are developing Role-Playing Game (RPGs) right now. We are focused and committed to providing user-friendly games across platforms. Maintec ensures to provide complete transparency to its clients during the development process and commit to providing post-development support.