It has been more important for companies to protect their business-critical data as the number of natural disasters and cyber-attacks is increasing. Maintec offers a multitude of Disaster Recovery plans that help companies to provide safeguard against data loss. Studies have shown that most of the businesses fail after going through a significant data loss, but DR can help to win the game and lead the business again. Whether organizations are looking to implement their own Disaster Recovery sites, test their recovery process, safely store data in a secure cloud-based data center, or finding out assistance from DR service provider, Maintec has the solution.
IBMi Disaster Recovery

Services offered by Maintec for Disaster Recovery on IBM i:

    • Constant Replication (HOT Recovery)
      High Availability (HA) system with constant replication for all the mission-critical IBM i applications which have critical RTO and RPO. We use replication software and provide DR Sites where the data shall be constantly replicated to our DR Site. The HA/DR instance will be taken over with minimal outage in the event of a disaster. The outage, in this case, shall be for a few minutes to an hour.


    • Online Backups (WARM Recovery)
      Maintec Online Backup solution involves save of your IBM i Production server to an on-premise virtual tape drive at the Maintec data center. The initial data save shall be followed by a periodic daily change to a data vault. In the event of a disaster, we shall be able to take the data vault and restore the data to an IBM i server. In this case, the outage shall be for 6 – 24 hours.


  • Tape Recovery (COLD Recovery)
    Maintec Tape Recovery solution involves saving the Customer’s data in a fireproof vault at our data center. On a periodic basis, customers would send us the complete system save backup tape to us for storing and recovery purposes. In the event of a disaster, we shall be able to take the backup tape and would be building your LPAR on an IBM i Server. In this case, the outage will be for 24 – 48 hours.

Brings you end-to-end capabilities with Disaster Recovery.

We offer high availability and disaster recovery products that fully utilize the native functionality of the IBM i operating system. We ensure regular checking of your data is consistent across both your primary and backup servers. Maintec services are cost-effective and scalable, provides the highest levels of usability, performance, and readiness constant data. Whether you are looking out to fully manage your IBM i environment or in need of protecting your data Maintec has a solution that can be tailored according to your need.