Cut early-stage screening time by up to 80%.

Online Assessment application uses Artificial Intelligence to screen the candidates in the smartest way possible. Online assessment measures a candidate’s skills, personality, and ability. It can be customized according to your organization's needs.

Online assessments are becoming quite popular in this digital era and are being used quite extensively in various domains. The IT sector has taken up to online assessments with quite a lot of enthusiasm and in a huge way. These online assessment tests have some clear benefits over the traditional methods of assessment both for the organizations as well as to the candidates themselves.

Maintec has developed the tool to help the recruiters test the candidate based on the organization’s requirement such as aptitude, cognitive ability, communication, and many other skills. This tool is capable of auto-evaluation, report generation, and grade as soon as the online tests are complete, hence fast pacing the recruitment process.

Online assessment can also be used by Learning and Development teams to assess the employees after the training conducted to upskilling or reskilling the workforce.

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Best features of Online Assessment Application -

Maintec’s online assessment application is an insta-hiring process that is simple but effective, user-friendly, and saves time by cutting down the long interview process. We believe that one’s greatest resource is "Time".